About Kennebec Rental

Equipment rentals in Bangor Maine, Portland ME, Woolwich, Kittery, Fairfield, Auburn ME

Our Fairfield location, opened in 1964

Kennebec Rental was founded in 1964 by Raymond E. Wilson, a general contractor in Central Maine. The Home office is located on Upper Main Street (Route 201) in Fairfield, Maine. Three branches were subsequently opened: Bangor in 1970, Auburn in 1973, and Portland in 1977. At the retirement of the senior Mr. Wilson, his son David took over, then opened branches in Kittery in 1981 and Woolwich in 1987. We are still a family run business, serving contractors, industry, and homeowners throughout Maine.

Kennebec Rental is a company dedicated to the needs of its customers. Our people are qualified, industrious, and eager to help. They consult with the customer and recommend the best equipment for a job; if it is a specialized piece, we try to help locate it. Each of our stores has employees with the experience necessary to service and maintain the equipment we handle, as well as equipment from many outside manufacturers. Our locations are fully stocked with equipment for sale and rent. If a particular piece is not in one branch, we may be able to draw from another to satisfy the customer’s needs.

SERVICE is what made Kennebec Rental what it is today. We feel it to be the most important ingredient we have to offer. Service with good equipment breeds results.